How to register your Rosalie?

Si vous avez des doutes sur l’identification de la carrosserie de votre voiture, n’hésitez pas à nous en faire part.

If you have any doubt about identifying your car, feel free to contact us.

Check out the Models in pictures page, it will help you to identify your Rosalie.

Vous pouvez consulter la page présentant les différents modèles en images pour vous aider à identifier votre Rosalie.

Many cars have sometimes been transformed by their different owners, and it is not always easy to formally identify them.

These data will never be disclosed, it will remain strictly confidential. Only the body type and series will appear in the census table.

Likewise, the photos you send us will not be published on our website without your consent.
The census will be periodically updated. It will thus appear in the form indicated on the last page.


  • Light bodies (8, 10L and 15L) do not include station wagons and sedans.
  • Commercials in 8hp are called commercial saloons.
  • Some coupés (Manessius and Million Guiet) were delivered with or without quarter windows
  • For utilities, contact us. Some were bodied by the factory, others externally.
  • The 7UA models only existed as a sedan or commercial sedan, the 11UA also included the station wagon. The later 7UAs had a wide hull, like the 11UAs.

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