Epoqu’Auto Lyon 2019

On the occasion of this marvelous fair,

we have once again had the pleasure of meeting visitors interested in Rosalie, whether they are fans or the curious.

This always gives rise to very fruitful and sometimes even moving discussions.

This little report comes from that already exposed in the forum by Kurt Balsiger, resident in Switzerland, (one of our oldest members), who was kind enough to put it at our disposal.

The first feeling when approaching the stand is to be pleased to see our Rosalist friends again.

There were a lot of people at the RCC stand and discussions were going well, stuck between a fake convertible 15AL, a luxury family 15A and a 10A.

And finally the Rosalie gallery we meet the NH torpedo of 1934 on the auction set, as at La Ferté Vidame already.

The seller will certainly be more successful this time.

In the center of the stock market there was a nice Citroën driveway which allowed me to compare the different types.

It is rare that we can see all the stages of the evolution of properly aligned 10HP.

Many thanks to the organizers!

Kurt is a heavyweight lover, and focuses on pre-war and Citroën coaches.

He shares his passion with the following few models:

Rochet Schneider coach from 1928 with gasoline engine under restoration. (Kurt strongly hopes to see him again when this restoration is completed)

See you next year!!!!