Our next meetings

March 4 and 5

35th Salon champenois, our 6th participation in this show where we meet many of our members from northern France and Europe. A Rosalie 15AL built in Forest will be exhibited.

April 8 and 9

Retro Passion Rennes, our 3rd participation in this very nice show. 2 Rosalie of our members will be exhibited, including an 8A NH.

April 23

National Day of the FFVE.

May 14

4th Rallye des Caisses Carrées in the Vaucluse.

May 19 to 21

9th Rallye des Cygnes in Avallon (89, France). This Surprise Rally is organized by our Secretary.

June 24 and 25

Rallye des avant-guerres in north France.

September 16 and 17

Rouen Motor Show where we have participated with the Amicale Citroën since 2015. A Rosalie of our members will be exhibited.

November 10, 11 and 12

Epoqu’Auto, we don’t present it anymore, it’s a must! As every year for ten years, we exhibit 3 Rosalie on our stand, with a surprise!

December 3

RétroBerry in Châteauroux (36, France) – One of the last stock exchanges where you can find pre-war coins at reasonable prices