Epoqu’Auto Lyon 2021

According to the organizers, 82,000 visitors jostled (the word is barely too loud) in the aisles.

This year, the show gives pride of place to Simca and Bentley, and Place des Lumières, at the entrance of the show, there was the blue train and the Bentley which chased it … and passed !

A beautiful Torpedo 10B, in its own juice, sat on the stand of a club which has now become a member of the Rosalie Club

On our stand, magnificent barn finds, including an 11UB van from 1936 bodied by the factory and requisitioned by the army, that have also inspired a young artist…

We will see further, and the 8A Berline made in Forest of our member Daniel, shiny and with 23,000 km on the clock since the beginning.

We now have on our stand, thanks to Christian, a cloakroom of sufficient size to house our fridge and miscellaneous items, as well as a rack to hang our coats.

The conviviality of our stand is no longer to come, and everyone had brought a specialty from their region that we always share at mealtimes.

We salute the passage of our new member Andrej, who came from Croatia with his family, who embarked on the restoration of his familiale 15CV, found between 2 walls of a house that was going to be demolished! While we are chatting, the children need to have fun!

By the way, didn’t we tell you?

We won the 5th prize for the most beautiful club booth at the show!

Alas, all good things come to an end. The 2 barns exits required the cars to be pushed out of Hall 5; so far, it’s OK.

But the organizers refused to let us enter the exhibitor parking lot when it closed, we had to load the cars in parking lot 7, 200 or 300m from the entrance to the Hall. So we pushed the non-wheeling cars out to find a place to load them.

Next year, our stand will celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Rosalie.