rosalie citroën club


What a pleasure to participate in this show in Rouen.

It has been 10 months since we had met to share our passion

Olivier exhibited his 8NH Berline photographed from all angles by those who had braved the virus.

François, always faithful to the post animated the stand with your servant.

His good nature was conducive to encourage visitors to come and admire the Rosalie

We were still able to taste a very fresh Vouvray with the few friends and members who came too see us.

For the Rosalie Club, the results are rather good : 2 memberships (1 to be confirmed) and a few pieces sold, including some of the stock that we had bought before the confinement

Outside cars sold at auction, with some very interesting copies, judge rather :

Many people on Saturday, a little les on Sunday, but the smiles could be guessed under the masks, that from time to time, we fell.

Beside us, C4-C6 Vintage club which had a new Président, shared some good ones moment with us.

That’s the conviviality !

The next Reims show should take place and sure that we will be there if it is maintained.

See you soon.

Rosalie 37